Conquering Chronic Low Back Pain

Low back pain itself is one of the top ten reasons people in North America seek a physician's advice. Combine low back pain with other complaints, and the numbers increase. Chronic Low back pain is a possibility in any group of people. Look at these examples of chronic low back pain complaints. Severe low back pain from lifting Low back pain in … [Read More...]


What Causes Pain in Upper Back?

If you ask a physician, which you should if you have upper back pain, you will learn that upper back pain has a number of causes as well as symptoms. "I … [Read More...]


Back Exercises and Fitness Balls

Back exercises are valuable, not only to alleviate back pain, but also to avoid back pain altogether. Physicians tell us that much back pain is a result of … [Read More...]

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Back Pain and Massage Therapy

Back pain has many causes, which we discuss elsewhere on this site. In the United States, back pain is second only to headache as the complaint that sends … [Read More...]


Neck and Back Pain – What Causes It?

Neck and back pain affect many of us. At any given time, it is reported, more than ten per cent of Americans are … [Read More...]


Back Pain Treatment: What’s Best for You?

Just as there are many causes of back pain, there are many back pain treatments from which to choose. That's good news, … [Read More...]


Back Pain – Relief While You Heal

Back pain is frequently a part of relocation. Even if you have professional movers do much of the work, back pain lurks … [Read More...]


Back Pain Treatment, Alternative Style

Back pain strikes when you least expect it. It strikes young and old, physically fit and decrepit. It is so common that … [Read More...]